Achmea Innovation Fund invests in fintech business BetterTradeOff

The Achmea Innovation Fund has taken a stake in BetterTradeOff, a fintech business from Singapore that wants to make financial planning accessible to all. This investment aligns with Achmea’s mission to support customers in making well-considered choices with applicable financial solutions for today and tomorrow.

With the forthcoming changes to Dutch pension legislation, the responsibility for one’s pension is shifting increasingly to the individual. As a result, people have a more active role in planning for their future and deciding what they need for a good pension. According to a survey by Mercer, only 20% of the Dutch population believe that their pension scheme will be sufficient when they retire.

BetterTradeOff’s online platform simplifies robust and comprehensive financial planning. In just a few minutes, users can build an initial plan simply by entering their financial data. From here, they can add various targets and dreams to their plan and can see what they need to achieve them. The tool gives users a complete picture of all their finances, from investments and property to their monthly living expenses.

Achmea Innovation Fund invests in fintech business BetterTradeOff|
Arthur van der Wal, chair of Achmea’s Pensions division: “For many people, the future is increasingly uncertain, in part because of the changes in the pension market. Helping people to stay financially fit is one of the big social challenges in which Achmea wants to play a leading role. We’re delighted about this investment and expect to be able to make a genuine impact working with BetterTradeOff.”

Roll-out in the Netherlands
Laurent Bertrand, CEO of BetterTradeOff is pleased and grateful: “We’re going to use the investment to continue our international expansion, starting in the Netherlands and from there to the United States. We’re keen to tackle the challenges in the Netherlands and are looking forward to working with Achmea.”